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Women's Workout Clothing

  Women’s workout clothing that holds your shape

I know a lot of women who hesitate to jump into the fitness world. Maybe they’re not feeling as confident as they’d like. Maybe this is a new area for them, and they wonder how they will fit in, or if they’ll have what it takes. Maybe they’ve never had to challenge themselves in this way before, and they wonder — can I do it?


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone become who they were really meant to be through their fitness journey. But I do know this — no one does it alone. The women who pursue goals in fitness find a community of like-minded individuals who are there for support, advice and education. The fitness community at its best helps set expectations and cheer everyone on to achieve great things!


Feeling confident during workouts is important for everyone! Women should have high expectations when it comes to women’s workout clothing like gym tank tops and fitness t-shirts. You want fitness t-shirts that are flattering, but functional. Gym tank tops should hold their shape while you shape up. The fabric should be soft and durable, but stand up to repeated washings without becoming drab and limp after a lot of use. The prices should be affordable so you can have a great wardrobe of workout clothing to choose from. Putting on your fitness wear should make you feel ready to take on whatever the day brings.


Gym tank tops need to provide coverage, while still giving you the freedom to move during your workout. Fitness t-shirts should be snug in places like your upper arms, but be loose in other areas, like your midsection, to allow for movement. Softer fabric will fall over the hip and not ride up during workouts.


The Lucky Lifters range of colors include soft tones and neutrals, so they’re flattering for everyone. My technologically advanced, 100% micro polyester is soft against the skin and provides UPF +30 protection from the sun, for those days when your fitness routine takes you outside. Lucky Lifters gym tank tops have shoulder straps that cover sports bra lines, so you can look polished and pulled together, even during the most strenuous workouts.


You want fabric that works as hard as you do to control your sweat and keep you cool and comfortable while you push yourself. I believe in empowering you with women’s workout clothing that is, quite simply, the best you can find.

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