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"Had to get me three of these shirts! Colors were too good to just choose one! Not to mention, how good they feel when I put one on. I look foward to the tank tops you have coming out!"

Dante M.   7/02/2019 

Got the shirt this morning & I immediately put it on. It fits perfectly & has such a nice quality. Can't wait to lift in it. Im defintely going to continue following and supporting this brand!

Jose G.   Jul 10, 2019

"I couldn't have asked for a more comfortable shirt. It's breathable but has an athletic fit at the same time. Best of all, it keeps me cool as I start to sweat!"

Jack K.   Jun 26, 2019

As soon as I opened the package up, I knew this was going to be a high quality shirt. The shirt was so comfrtable and durable for the gym. I was literally blown away by Lucky Lifters Apparel.

Emilio R.   Jun 25, 2019 

I recieved a T-shirt from Lucky Lifters and i have to say i love it! Its super-lightweight abd made out of really nice material, so it is perfect to change into for the gym. It fits true to size and it is very comfortable!

Lettisha O.   Jun 23, 2019

My Lucky Lifters shirt is a perfect fit and is able to stretch and breathe during any workout. Defintely a great purchase! Now I'm currently waiting for the tank top line to come out so I can get one of those too!

William P.   Jun 17, 2019 

These shirts are the type of workout clothes I love. They are extremely comfortable and flexible so you are able to do any variety of workouts. A definite must have if you love working out!

Jacob R.   Jun 3, 2019 

The shirt is great, it fits well and i feel comfortable when im working out!

Caleb R.   May 28, 2019

Lucky Lifters Apparel is an amazing brand. I had the oppurtunity of owning a couple of thier shirts and they just feel great when I'm working out! Not only do they keep you cool, but they also look great on you!

Geo F.   May 21, 2019

The Lucky Lifters shirt is a great Tee. By far, my favorite shirt to wear to go to my iron paradise! Material is high qualtiy and has an amazing fit!

Miguel C.   May 20, 2019

As someone who sticks to simple desinged apparel, and focuses more on the task at hand rather than style i wear, Lucky Lifters is perfect. It is breathable and lightweight, if not more than some of the major named brand products. They also provide a unique logo that stands for our fortunate abilities to be persistently improving yourself. I can use the shirt for everything I do; from lifting weights, running track, playing basketball, our out on a nature hike.

Ali A.   May 1, 2019

One of the most comforatble gym shirts I have ever owned. It's tight yet loose in all the right places, and doesn't get irritating when you start sweating. I would defintely recommend getting some!

Aaron B.   May 6, 2019 

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