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Running Minutes

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

When time is an important factor, we tend to either rush or cut corners to get tasks done on time. Whatever it takes to meet a deadline will be done even if the job comes out sloppy. Now some people would like to argue in favor of this because they believe that always being puncutal makes you look professional and timely organized. However, I would be quick to disagree. Although being on time is vital for a businesses reputation, the quality of products and services are paramount. What you sell or do is what you want shown to the world. You cannot let your product's quality falter because you really wanted to make that deadline. As a business, be upfront and honest with your timing. Undercutting estimates might make you appear expediant for the time being, but this can lead to an under estimation, leaving you with no time to properly fill that order or service. What I like to do is take however much time I need but still not as much time as I want. There’s a difference between the two. To see this however, requires a great deal of honesty between your business leadership. If you’re a Sole proprietor, then you have to be immensely honest with yourself. Because if you’re not honest with yourself, then how do you expect to always be honest with your customers and partners? It’s a fast moving world out there. Minutes spew by as if time was being hurled through a fire hose and there’s no way to ever stop it. If you can mark yourself as an honest brand however, the world doesn’t seem to spin as fast, and you can enjoy The moments just a little bit longer...

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