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Cause Based Marketing: A win-win strategy

According to, cause-based marketing is the process of marketing a specific idea, cause, or goal, rather than a specific business, product, or service. It is the kind of #marketing strategy that is seen as #altruistic and selfless. It is a business owner's wet dream to have thier #business percieved this way. So how does somebody initiate a cause- based strategy? How does it become a win- win situation for everybody involved?

shaking hands on a business caused based strategy

How to Initiate a caused based strategy

  1. Write down ALL of the ideas/causes you feel strongly about.

You can narrow them down later, but it is important to see those ideas physically on paper before you start crosssing them out of your execution plan. If I personally didnt write down all my ideas, I would not be where I am with my own strategy.

2. Number them in accordance to importance

Importance is determined by you and you alone. Society doesnt get to decide which cause should be prioritized because this is YOUR idea. The most important idea is the one that speaks to your heart the most. You never want to initiate a strategy with a cause that you are not fully invested in.

3. Ramble before you walk

Pick your top five ideas and spend a couple of minutes talking aloud about why the cause is important to you. Pretend someone is interviewing you about how you are going to execute your plan. It sounds silly, but hearing it aloud is as important as writing it down. Remember, these three steps are only to help you initiate a strategy. There is an unlimited amount of causes you can work for, and picking between them can be almost impossible.

These steps are simply here to guide you and get those gears in your head turning. Fight through the complacency and take a dive at a cause using these steps to get you started.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while you go along:

  • It is similar to an expirement. You may be trying to do things that has not been done before. Therefore, there is no certainty that you will see the results you hypothesize. No worries - readjust and keep going!

  • Forget the profits! Focus on the engagement you recieve! That is the real return of your efforts. You will feel on top of the world when there is a line of people waiting to support your cause. The cause you created yourself ! There is truly no better feeling, in my opinion.

  • Put trust into your cause. Even if it hasnt been done before, treat it like you absolutely believe it is going to work. If you put trust into your work, people will follow along and put in thier trust. Believe me, earning people's trust is really important.

people working on a cause based marketing strategy

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