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A guide with no map

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

It is said every great #explorer is always equipped with his trusty compass and map. With these tools, an explorer can be confident he will not trod off course. With the swing of a machete, he cuts through thickets of brush and heavy vegetation, clearing the way for further travel.

Much like an explorer, an entrepreneur requires the necessary tools to get by in the #business world. He might not literally need a map or a compass, but the idea of having their sense of direction might dictate where they might end up at. As a new business owner, the issue lies on inexperienced #preparedness. A new business owner is not as aware as a seasoned entrepreneur when it comes to preparedness. The only thing that seems to guide him is knowing which directions taken are wrong. In other words, it is what has been traveled that reveals it's true relevancy.

As a fresh #entrepreneur myself, I am often asked about my decision making process. The question often comes in the form of, "What made you pull the trigger to start?" When somebody asks me this, I am led to believe that they strongly want to pursue the #courage it takes to start a business. The problem is revealed when my response to them fails to ignite any "Eureka!" moments. My response simply suggests that having the courage to execute is by far more necessary than the experience and background needed to start a business. If my response is met with an unsteady nod or empty gaze, I would then be made aware that I have not convinced or #inspired him enough. I have not convinced him that continuing to be #intimidated by new #challenges is self-sabotage. What this person might have seen is #successors such as #ElonMusk and #GaryV parade social media with their inspiring accomplishments. They then feel that here is there standing competition, equipped with #

millions of followers and more cash than you can imagine. This is an obvious wrong approach/stance towards your long term business plan. You simply cannot stare at results of other people and wonder how you'll match them without having to match the work they have done yet first. So when you're off finding your way, remember that you might not feel certain about the direction you're taking, and you might feel lost not having what you properly need to get by, but keep in mind that you wont know you've taken the wrong turn until you've already have.

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