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4 Ways your Life can Change by Wearing These

You know what they say about men wearing shorts. The shorter the seam, the bigger the held confidence. Nothing is more threatening to inferior males than exposed and shameless thighs. It’s not just a man wearing tiny shorts, it’s a man making a statement; “my fashion sense is inspired by freedom and comfort”.

A man wearing tiny shorts probably has it going on. Hot wife and fast cars are easy reaching when you got such a whopping confidence. Do you ever wonder what initiated that confidence? Where did it come from? It isn’t like confidence can be something you can just throw on in the morning. Or is it?

Here are 4 ways wearing these men’s shorts, or silkies, can change your life.

1. Feel more Freedom

Ever put on something, but you can still move around like you have nothing on? That’s called freedom and these multi-purpose shorts have it. What you wear shouldn’t confine you to tighter degrees of motion. You should be comfortable and able to move freely as humanely possible. Think about how much you can get done around the house feeling so comfortable.

2. Feel the Breeze…without the Streaking

Although these shorts have multiple uses, the best one is for running. Whether you’re running from your problems, or from the fuzz, the best shorts to wear are silkies. The wind easily breathes through the poly silk like material, giving you the greatest aerodynamic jog in your life…aside from streaking of course.

3. Always stay at the ready

Picture this. You’re out strolling through your favorite shopping mall. As you come adjacent to the wishing fountain you notice a lone toddler tip over the side and dips into the water headfirst. He is drowning! The parents are nowhere to be seen and so you decide to act. Luckily, you’ve worn your silkies underneath. You strip off and neatly fold your pants on a nearby bench. Swiftly, you dive into the fountain and retrieve the wailing toddler. You were able to save his life because you were at the ready with your silkies. Life is so unpredictable. It then is important to be at the ready and stay at the ready.

4. Steal the Show

It’s a known fact that people pay attention to who seems the most interesting. Rather than an edgy haircut, or a neck tattoo, you can steal the show with a pair of silkies. Logically, if you are confident enough to wear tiny shorts, chances are you have something interesting to say. If not, at least you’ll look like you do!

If you are now convinced that silkies can change your life for the better, click here to order an exclusive pair from Lucky Lifters Apparel. Not only are they silkies, but they also have a notable Marine Corps 1st Marine Diamond design. Order before your size is completely sold out!

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