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22 Minutes

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

It is #suicidepreventionmonth and people are scrambling to find channels to flash thier selfless #support. I was fortunate enough to have prepared over the summer to create my very own #supportive 'channel'. To be more clear, it was a project aimed in #educating #veterans and thier #loved ones on basic #suicidal #awareness. The #incentivizing part of the whole thing was getting one of my #free #luckylifters #shirts for passing the follow up #quiz. I set my goal in giving away 500 shirts dedicated in getting people to educate themselves,for what i found to be, 22 minutes of reading, People don't often take the time to self educate, I decided that I would foot the bill. However, at the end of the day, I end up tying my brand with the cause, which is what I ultimately want for my #fitness #brand . I want it to stand for something much bigger than any other brand out there. I want it to #revolutionize the way #businesses proceed and set #targets . I want there to be projection of future goals rather than projection of sales. I trust in my audience enough to know that as long as I remain true to this very goal, they will stay #life long #loyal customers. The kind of customers that are #rideordie ....

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