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Lifters Apparel

  Lifter’s apparel that is functional and effortless

Are you ready to get serious about your workout gear? Whether you're just starting or have been a serious lifter for a while, you know how important it is to have the right lifter's apparel. You need clothing that is breathable and loose enough to allow you to move unencumbered. The wrong fabric or fit will get in the way and could restrict your movements. You need workout gear that works with the rest of your equipment, like lifter's gym wear that has tops long enough to comfortably rest under your lifting belt.


If you’re looking for lifter’s apparel that meets your needs, you are in the right place. Lucky Lifters has lifter’s gym wear that will meet your needs, provide amazing comfort and all at an affordable price. I understand what it takes to have functional apparel for lifters, and that’s why I founded Lucky Lifters. I am committed to developing a company that is a part of the lifter community, providing excellent lifter’s gym wear for everyone who lifts. For beginners and every level above, you're welcome to share your thoughts and recommendations with me as I build this company into the best workout gear available for you.


Starting a company like Lucky Lifters, and excelling at lifting share a lot of common traits. You have to be dedicated to your craft. I am completely dedicated to the success of this company because I know it fills an important need. Lifters work within a tight community that pushes them to be better. The support that we give each other is so important to improving and reaching new levels. I know that making Lucky Lifters succeed will not be possible without the fitness community. I am here for you! As a new business, I have the ability to provide a fantastic product and hear from each of you about how I can best meet your needs and reach new levels of success.


For day to day use in lifter’s apparel, functionality and comfort are so important. I believe that by providing a technologically advanced textile for Lucky Lifter workout gear, you can focus on what really matters — your development and improvement. With solid gym wear behind you, all you have to do is think about that next level and how to get there.


I believe in workout gear that is effortless. I am a part of this community and I know what I want out of my workout gear, and what I expect from myself when I lift. It’s the reason that I put the word “lifters” right there in the name of my company. My commitment is to provide that best lifter’s gym wear and build a connection between myself and lifters who want a company that understands and meets their needs.

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