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The material: The main thing people look for when choosing a product is obviously the quality of the material. My shirts are 100% micro polyester, provide UPF +30 protection from the unforgiving sun rays, and fit nice and tight around the biceps, yet loose and free around the waist to allow you to cool off easily.


Next, what I focus on is offer beautiful and vivid colors. Blue as the ocean, Black as a starless night, Beige as the Sahara dunes, Green as a fresh golf course, and Gray as a smoky moon. They stand out no matter which color you choose. My plan is to release more as I continue to invest into my company. What kind of colors would you like to see released?


With that, you can see personal feedback means a lot to me. It helps build a connection between company and consumer, which as you know not many competing companies can do nowadays. My company on the other hand thrives on personal connection. Just like many others, this company is a work in progress. Progress that will not take failure as an option. This makes me more relatable to the typical gym goer.

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